I’m interested in the idea of impermanence and the flux of materiality that connects all of life.  Through disciplines of painting, sculpture and collage, often in combination, I employ previously performed natural and manufactured articles, ordinary refuse and by-product resulting from my experimental practice.  Combining and contrasting the relationships of depth and volume, color, texture and form, I build on mostly nonconventional surfaces.  Layering and integrating the storied materials, I intercept the trajectory of found and everyday discards to entomb place and time, incite recognition and memory.  Sometimes the work is later reconfigured, or paint and paper is scratched, torn or removed only to leave visual fragments.  At the core, the resolved constitutions consider a culture of consumption vs waste and the environmental effects of. 


Julia Higgins is a native, Southern California visual artist and designer.  Her contemporary works are informed by social, cultural and environmental concerns as well as by the materials that she works with. 

Although Julia was painting at an early age, it wasn’t until her collegiate years studying interior design, that she began to explore her artistic proclivities.  After graduating in design, Julia began course work in interior architecture at California State University of Long Beach.  Two years into the program, Julia enrolled in a sculpture class and her focus quickly turned to fine art.  Since graduating from CSULB, Julia has exhibited her work in galleries, museums and institutions.  At present, she works from her studio in Los Angeles.

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